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Zombie Dreams: what does it mean?

Ok, so,I just woke up, a little shaken, lol. this is the second Zombie Dream i've had, the first one wasn't as detailed as this one.

So it starts off with me and my 'dad' (i say 'dad' because i refer to him as my dad in the dream but it looks nothing like him) and 2 of my friends shooting at a horde of zombies, the view is in First Person so i can see myself aiming and shooting. but i can't make out the gun.

After a while the whole squad falls back and i find myself in my nans front room.

this is where it gets weirder, my group (without weapons this time) went out with my family and we spot a group of zombies, so i ask mum for the key to the house so i can get the weapons, and as i go, she says to me "When we get in we'll go upstairs" so i run back to the house and pick up the weapons (which i see are 4 M4a1s and i think a Glock as a sidearm) so i run back over to everyone, hand the 'squad' their weapons and we all start moving backwards towards the house shooting.
Once we get to the house I yeall "Everyone to the Second floor, anyone who can't use a gun or old enough to use one get to the second floor NOW!.

Even werder, during the night a guy pulls up in a car, knocking on the door and asks about life insurace (WTF right? Life insurance during a zombie attack, and he's just constantly hounding me and my family about it)

and the day after, i see myself (in First person again) in the living room, and some meds came in the post, a suppsed, 'Vaccination' against the zombies, but i was really hesitant to take them, questioning them, like i knew if i took them i'd turn into a zombie, then it sows me in my mums bedroom talking to her, when a Red siren light came on (in my dream it meant someone was climbing over the fence) so i get my weapon and run upstairs into my sisters room to see a guy walking out of what looked like one of them old Water Chambers back in the old days (Toilets =P) and there was snow aswell, so the guy jumps into the window and i hold him at gunpoint asking what he's doing and if he knows anything about the drugs (the Anti-Zombie pills) ge saiys no in a paniced voice and says he's running because Nathan (a kid on my street) is trying to kill him, so i think for a moment, put my gun to my side and say "What if i let you go" and the dream ends.

THis is the second Dream i've had in a week that includes zombies and it's always shaken me up when i wake up because it seems so real x,x lol

anyone recently die in ur family?
get enuf sleep?
play a little too many video games?

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