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Wtf does this dream mean?!?

Hi. My name is Kayla and I’m 12 years old. Last night I had a really scary dream and it all seemed so real. It took place on my street and in my house and everything was right where it should be. The houses were exactly how they should be and all the furniture inside too. I was wondering if you could tell me what it means... Ok. So what happened was me, my mom, my 2 year old brother, my 8 year old sister, and my 11 year old sister were sitting in my living room. My mom was sitting on the floor writing out bills. All of a sudden we see something outside so I go and look to see what it was. A few houses down, a house was up in flames! Then when that house was almost in ash, it started on the next house. It didn't jump from roof to roof or anything. It started on the very center of the front door. Then the same thing happened to the next house and so on and so on until it got to ours. I started screaming at everybody to get out. My two sisters were on their way out but my mom was still sitting there on the living room floor, writing out bills. So I ran upstairs to get my brothers blankets, because that was the only thing he couldn't live without, since the fire was still only in the center of the front door. When I got up there, I remember thinking "Where are they," because I couldn't find them anywhere. So I ran back downstairs, without the blankets, grabbed my brother and went out the front door because it was opened. I put him outside with my sisters. Then my mom still wouldn't come out. So I ran back outside and there were two or three little old ladies across the street that were outside and walking over to us. One said "When the fire gets worse, deary, fold the paper and give it to me." I had no clue what she was talking about. So I look back at the house and the whole living room is on fire. But nowhere else for some reason. So there was a sliding glass door in my family room and in real life we put a bat at the bottom so my brother couldn't open it, but it was inside. This time it was outside.. So I picked it up and tried to break the glass but couldn't. I took another swing but nothing happened. So the third time, I hit really hard, and it shattered but didn't fall to the ground. It just stayed in place. So it hit it AGAIN and then all the glass fell and I ran to the living room. Just before I go there, my mom said "Don't look at us." So I didn't. My sisters came running through but I stopped them and said "Don't look. It was her last wish." And so my brother and my mom died.. And then I woke up... I don't know or remember how my brother got back inside though. But at the end he was. Please tell me what this means!

Wow! Are you the oldest child? I had a similar dream when I was 12 (no kidding!) I grew up on a farm. In my dream our tractor gas barrels exploded and fire was everywhere and I was trying to get all my family members down to the creek so they wouldn't be burned alive. I was as frantic as you. Mom kept doing the laundry and one brother just would not let go of her leg.

It is my belief that you feel responsible for the welfare of your family. You feel you need to take care of them and protect them.

Take care and good luck, hun.

It sounds like you did something in the past that you feel very guilty about,and b/c you are a kind and compassionate person this secret that you been holding on to is mom,a lie to your literally eating you up inside. This dream is telling you that its alright,and to release this guilt that you feel.So it sounds like you probably told a lie to your mom,and you feel guilty over the whole situation.

wow your young

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