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What would red and green olives in a jar mean? (dream)?

I had a dream about some personal matter (family related) but I am wondering what a jar full of red and green olives would mean. I received this at the end of my dream, the red olives were put together in half of the jar with the other half is green (goes from bottom left (red olives) to upper right (green olives)). On the jar it said " Are you being treated better?" the "you" was much smaller the the rest of the text which at first i thought it said "Are being treated better?". And the words were divided into 2 columns, the "Are you being" was on the left column and the "Treated better?" on the right, i know this is alot of information, but i hope you can understand what i typed. I also know that this is only part of my dream and thanks very much for reading this through and even more thanks for your response!

you need to achieve peace in your environment ( the color green), is something happening in your family that is draining your energy, making you angry or exhausted( the color red ) ? You are seeking protection( the jar), you need to heal( the olives) from something or someone, possibly a family member?

I lost a parent unexpectedly and I was especially close to my father. For months i dreamed of him after his death and he would be bleeding. I know this because the dream was in back and white and the blood was very red. He had no blood loss at the time of death so I thought this strange and I had never dreamed in black and white before,i later came to think of it as his way of telling me to let go, that he had died. I clung to the thought that he was just on a trip and would be back soon. sometimes dreams prepare us, help us let go, or help to let us know theres a transition from life to death and they are not gone just gone from here.

What Ellie g said was perfect

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