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What's the meaning of the song...?

What is the meaning or point of the song "I can ride my bike with no handlebars?"

it's about the government and how power is abused.
At first it is listing small displays of power, things you can show off with, like knowing song lyrics or other trivial skills.
It continues to discuss something similar to the american dream "I can make money open up a thrift store/ I can make a living off a magazine"
Finally it progresses to a new level of power, leading a country. They can manipulate lives "I can hand out a million vaccinations/ Or let'em all die from exasperation" and "I can make anybody go to prison/ Just because I don't like 'em" and the rest of the final verse.
A very dark song, for sure.

Hope this helped!

maybe...he can conquer things without using the obvious. haha i have no clue, i just love the song, its really catchyy. i mean, he can keep rhythm with no metronome and such haha. i dont know, maybe its that he is an independent person and can do everything and run the world. i never really thought about it actually. because he can also split the atom of a molecule so maybe he's just good and talented at everything he does and he has the capability to conquer the world and make it a better place...?

I believe it means that he can do anything. I'm pretty sure. He says a bunch of lyrics that make it sound like that's what he's saying. I can guide a missile by sattelite. HAHA i luv the flobots.

Good question

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