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What's the meaning of my dream?

Watering the garden in the rain! Doesn't make sense as they are being watered naturally by the rain. But I'm convinced I need to water with a hose too!

Any ideas?

Rain is often associated with gloomy thoughts, actions, etc., and people generally stay inside. However, you are completely oblivious to the fact that there even is any rain in the dream, so you believe the plants need to be watered. The hose may be necessary because it is hot and believe the plants need more water, as you do not feel the rain. Just my thoughts, dreams can be interpreted to a myriad of things.

There's a saying, and many that are like it,
A drop in the ocean

And other sayings, more uniquely pointed:
If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing properly
If you want it done properly, do it yourself

...which seems to neatly sum up you dream with a moral adage.

The 'garden' of course is traditionally the potential for growth in any aspect of life, not just plants - and water can just so easily represent 'liquid' assets, or money - cash flow.

This is an interpretation of very little information - it could be something else, or correct but out of context - your own life & circumstances are what make the dream have meaning, and then it is a personal message, less random than you think when it pertains directly to the matter that gave rise to it.
In so much, you haven't said whether or not you actually have a garden - so this is maybe a vague understanding, or seems meaningless to your sense & memory of the sequence as it transpired - in particular the perceived length of it and any difficulties you encountered in the attempt to use the hose...

That's 3 words to search... Garden, rain, hose.
Sorry I'm not nosey so I won't search for you.
But I had a dream about rain once too and it's an alarming dream!

This is a big clue that you were feeling thirsty or even dehydrated. I would def drink some water.

What you are trying to do is foolish.It is a waste of time.Review what you are doing/trying to do.The dream suggests you to do some other thing that may be useful to you.You only know what you are doing.


You do not believe on luck.

or maybe...your going mad.

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