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What's the meaning of my dream?

One of my really close guy friends just graduated and has moved across the country. In the dream he was driving me through a desert on a paved road. I could only see one little brown-wood shack. He was driving, but was sitting on the right side of the car. After that we flashed to this new place. It looked almost like a jungle, but we were in a rowboat on a dock outside of a "restaurant". The restaurant attached to the dock was the same brown shack I saw in the car ride. An elderly lady came out, gave me our food [I don't remember exactly what it was], and next thing I know we are in the middle of a river/lake thing just rowing. His lips weren't moving, but I could hear him say that he wanted to be in my senior pictures and a photographer came from out of nowhere in the jungle brush and took pictures of us in our boat. I could FEEL my friend holding me, I could smell exactly what he always smelled like... And when I woke up I was crying. Anyone have any ideas? I included little details, but I don't know if they mean anything. Oh, and his name was Chris if that means anything at all...

Maybe these scenes are memories you have with Chris. Not exactly the same, but the fact that you guys are close, went through many things in life. I think the photographer part was taking pictures, capturing the moments you guys had together, making it last forever.

All the details you still have about him: smell, feel, etc., in my opinion, means that you remember him and want to remember everything about him. I think it's just a recap of what you went through with him (which was a lot), that you want be close friends forever (perhaps), and that you really miss him, which is why you woke up crying.

I'm no interpreter, but this is what I think...(:

I don't know what the heck your dream means but I'm really fascinated with dreams & psychology & stuff like that so I decided to read it. I had a dream sort of similar to yours just a couple months ago & I was with 1 of my classes in a restaurant that was attached to a dock & half of the restaurant was under water & it was supposed to be like that. Then at the end a tsunami & storm came & drowned us all in the restaurant, we were actually under water in the dream & then I woke up, I always dream weird dreams like that.

Psychological Meaning: A lake may represent the unconscious mind. Water often makes a symbolic statement about your emotional state. If the lake is clear and still then this may represent your reserves of inner peace and spiritual energy. However, if the lake is disturbed in any way then you may have emotional troubles

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