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What's my dream mean?

What's this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream about my 21 y/o cousin who passed away 3 years ago. In the dream some reason I dreamed my father n me n others wanted to go back in time n we traveled back to when my cousin was 10 years old. I dont know why we chosed that time. She was telling about a clock chalkboard which I have no clue about. I hugged her n cried. It felt so real. Like she was really here n sounded. When I woke up I felt like crying.My family says because she is with me. Do you think it's true or just a dream? Before she died I haven't seen her in a few years. We were close growing up until her father died. She ran from home at 13 met up with some ppl m dates a guy way older which I believe is the reason she isnt with us.If she havent met him She had a drug over dose.Nobody knew she was using.Opinions? Please no mean comments!

Though dreams are very subjective my interpretation of the symbology would be; that the clock chalkboard is to do with the fickleness and fragility of life and the temporary nature of a lifetime. The time travel backwards is to do with wishing you could turn the clock back and change your cousins life and give her a hug. Maybe you did in the spirit world, who knows?

Okay so you probably dreamed about her because you really miss her, and she is in your conscience. As for the fact that the time period was when she was 10, its maybe because that was a great moment of life for both of you and you just really miss the old days along with her. If you believe in anything religious, maybe you should pray for her.

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