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What is the meaning of this strange dream?

Sorry if it's long and I don't remember a lot but here is what I remember.
Ok, it started out with me and my mother at the mall with her making fun of one of my nicknames. My first name is Katherine and I make a lot of cat-like noises when I'm tired so a lot of people call me Kat. I told her to leave me alone and ran off to the arcade ( yeah, I'm almost sixteen and still like the arcade. ) where I met this girl who was sitting down on the floor outside reading a newspaper. We started talking about how she lived in a group home ( We have one in my town called Golden Girls ) and our lives from the beginning until she had to leave then I went inside and saw my crush since 8th grade let's just call him R. Well, R was playing one of those basket ball games with another kid from our school then he turned towards me and smiled then waved me over. I walked over to him and said "Hi, Blondie." to which he replied "Hi, Katie." even though he knows I hate that nickname and invited me to hang with him for the day which I agreed to. We played a bunch of games that I don't like and when I suggested ones I do like all he would say is "Those are lame come one you know your having fun with me." then once he kissed me. Too roughly I might add. Later in the dream he ordered me to go get us drinks and some thing to eat so I walked to the food court and got us some pizza and drinks ( Mountain Dew for me and Coke for him ). I saw the guy who has been showing up in my dreams since I was eight and he was wearing a t-shirt with one of my favorite bands name on it and he was also wearing dark wash jeans and black Converse ( my favorite brand of shoes ) and he looked to be from the ages 17 to 21. He walked up to me and whispered in my ear "I know you don't really like him enough to let him boss you around like that seeing as you won't even take that from me and our souls have been bound from the beginning of time. Does lust blind you that much?" to which I shouted back "You don't know me, ( his name is always blanked out ). Who knows I might love him." and "You don't feel love for anyone except family and friends with the exception of me but lust always over shadows love for you.". I ran back to the arcade trying to get away from him. When, I got in the arcade R ripped the Mountain Dew from my hands and pulled it from my reach ( I'm 4'11 he's like 6'1 so it's not really that hard. ) causing my voice to go up a couple octaves when I screeched "Hey, that's mine." to which he replied "Not anymore, Katie." and headed towards a shooting game that was besides my all time favorite racing game. R just kept hugging and kissing me even though I'm not a big fan of doing that stuff in public and I felt even more uncomfortable when someone slid into one of the seats of the racing game. I finally told R I was going to play a game I wanted with or without him. Kinda pointless since it was the game beside his. I looked at the player beside me and of course it was the guy from the food court. He turned to me and said "I'm sorry about what I said earlier you are not filled with nothing but lust. Love just doesn't come easily for people like us people that see both the light and the dark with all the gray area between. A lot say they see it for what it truly is but they don't at least not like us.". "Are you jealous of all the boys I... I don't know think of seeing as more then companions?" I said to which he replied "Oh so very jealous, my dear. But, you will always be mine as I will always be yours." then he kissed me then I woke up because me brother hit me in the head with a tennis ball.

Well, first off, i just wanna tell you that's an amazing dream because dreams only last from 4-6 seconds. (i know right? proven fact.) But if you dream of shoes, just by the slightest bit, something bad is going to happen. now that's NOT a proven fact, but just a heads up. And BUT he looks of this, you love someone else but you just dont know him yet. Look into your life and the people you know, and see which one you may or may not have feelings for. If you have feelings for someone else, the mystery guy that was in this dream may be him. What im saying is this guy you like may not be good for you. Also, your brothers rude. LOL. gl finding out :)

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