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What is the meaning of this amazing dream?

So I was taking a nap after texting my boyfriend and I dreamt that him and I were in a gorgeous room. Very bright with beautiful floral wallpaper but no doors or Windows. I felt over come with complete joy and happiness. He held me and looked at me with very loving eyes and every time we kissed as we pulled away a little galaxy of stars a purple and blue swirls would form between our lips and would get bigger as we pulled apart but would vanish after a specific size. We started using mason jars to bottle them every time. I would look into his eyes every time we pulled apart though and the galaxy would reflect off his eyes and it looked so beautiful and he looked so happy and extremely handsome. It was the best dream I've ever had and I am stoked I remember it so vividly. I told him about it and we both want to know if it means anything. :) please and thank you if anybody can help.

In a gorgeous room. = what you and your bf share. Basically "where you are," or your relationship. Gorgeous.
Very bright with beautiful floral wallpaper but no doors or Windows.= Sometimes dreams speak for themselves, as in bright, beautiful, which the wallpaper suggests is how you have "decorated" it. No doors and windows must signify the outside world means little, lol, when you're together. Like it doesn't exist. Just your world does.

Complete joy and happiness is how you feel about him. Again, needs no change, that bit.
The little galaxies and purple and blue swirls = I think signify the most beautiful, creative things you can see in life. Like a cosmic experience, you might say. Way out there, and I guess where all of life even in all its vastness seems to be contained in your kiss.
I didn't just read Rome and Juliet, did I?☺ No, but you two don't need to to.♥♥
It's like a little visual of how powerful your connection is, in creating life itself, in that sort of highest level.
And the blue I gather is a peaceful, calm colour. Not sure. And purple always seems to me to be at the higher end of the spectrum, as ultra-violet light is, which indicates the higher experience, perhaps spiritual, as colour almost becomes invisible there.
As you pulled apart, these galaxies growing means how your love or connection grows, but of course only could get so big.

I like how you bottled them. You have probably heard of sayings like, "If I could bottle {insert non-bottleable thing here, like emotion, feeling, happiness, love}, I'd be a millionaire." So you bottling them may actually mean that. Preserving your joy - kinda like jam, ha - keeping it. And maybe as food for later when you are apart.

The galaxy reflecting in his eyes is the beauty you see in him, or reflected in him, which made him seem almost perfect.

It seems you are deeply in love with your boyfriend...(me: ok...werido)

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