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What is the meaning of my dream?

I dreamt last night of a woman who had a fish (Betta fish). She treated it like her baby, and its name was ZARA (which I looked up, means princess and/or light). Anyway, the fish swam in the air and all around us, she danced, responded to singing by gently laying on the ladys face, and she had the ability to multiply, disappear and talk! But then she bit the lady and drew blood. I asked if the sharks would now come ( so maybe we were underwater) but the lady responded with a no, since it was the farming area. Naturally, I became cautious of this fish and while playing with her noticed a set of eyes, then more eyes, and more, and then the fish told me she has a total of over 1,200 eyes!

I woke up. And now I just have a nagging feeling that this dream has a hidden meaning but I cant figure it out. If anyone has a gift with interpreting dreams please help me out.

Thank you!


Though characters play out the roles in your dream, they're showing you things about yourself in the dreams story line. Oh your dream definitely has meaning. Your dream is showing you:

That you need to continue nurturing, caring for ZARA, (your baby) - the spiritual warrior within - exactly as you would a physical baby. Rather allowing your "radiance to flower" (the spiritual LIGHT within) & grow/develop with regard to some new idea, goal, project you mentally conceived. These are creative emotional thoughts you're exploring, that have been swimming in, through & around - your mind. They are on the brink / verge of emerging, rising up into your waking mind & reality. They've been repressed or dormant and you're ready now to see with new eyes, to face/live a new reality for yourself. You're in process of a spiritual awakening, raising your vibrations. Remember you're a highly intelligent spiritual being & have the ability to bring the seemingly impossible into waking reality. You have an ability to uplift those around you through resonance. (Just like a glass rim vibrating with a tone makes others nearby begin to resonate also). You're an uplifting presence. You have only to trust & believe, those are the magical twins (trust & belief) that will make what seems impossible into reality. You have the capacity to realize your dreams easier than you may believe, they are well within your grasp. We limit ourselves through limiting thoughts & those are now dissolving/dropping away. You're ready to be free of those, ready to expand your thoughts to live a more carefree, harmonious life, & to breath in happiness, go with the flow & follow your spirit; on a higher path for yourself.

There will be people that may try to bring you down, as it's uncomfortable for them to be around you as you transform, grow & change if they aren't changing as well. Which is natural. This may feel/be a bit draining (life blood drawn) as you're vulnerable to their biting remarks while undergoing spiritual change. Rest assured, you're on the right path & need to continue developing these aspects of yourself to realize your full potential. You're on a path of enlightenment, deeper understanding. It can be a bit scary undergoing & trusting the changes that are occurring, please know everything is in perfect divine order & divinely timed. Give your all to whatever you do, follow your spirit with each breath & step. CONGRATs on your new awakening!

1200- per Doreen Virtue 1's and 2's - Our thoughts are like seeds that are beginning to sprout. You may have already seen some evidence of the fruition of your desires. These are signs that things will and re growing in your aspired direction. Keep the faith!

Me - 0's add extra energy, oomph, to the number they follow, so to really pay attention to this. PS eyes in your dream have nothing to do with fear, they do have to do with seeing with new eyes, new understanding. There are many LOVING eyes watching over, rooting for you.

many eyes, it seems like you are scared of a certain person seeing you. all their eyes you cannot cover, they will see you when you arent looking.
maybe its a hidden phobia of yours.
the dream is saying to comfort your fears, and dont be scared anymore.

bettas are very beautiful, i have one :)):):)

wow, pretty trippy. Sounds like my mother who lives in Canada

Idk what it means but govto dreamdictionary

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