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What is the meaning of my dream?

We were sitting at my counter. Those two on one side, myself on the other by the fridge. We were eating large bowls of grapes with rubbing alcohol in them. Paul asks me if I'll get him a drink, so I do. And when I get back, he has a smug smile upon his face. I ask what they did to my grapes & alcohol. They tell me nothing. Then I ask Katelyn and she says "We put a worm in it". "No you didn't" I say, and i stick my hand into the bowl. I feel the worm and I proceed to gag, and eventually I upchuck everywhere.

What is the meaning of this?

I think it means that you may either feel betrayed or you're worried about them betraying you. You getting him a drink could mean you're unsuspecting of the situation or that you're in denial of the possibility of them backstabbing you. It could also mean you'd do pretty much anything for them but they don't really care and back stab you anyways, or it could just be a somewhat meaningless part of your dream. The fact Katelyn told you there was a worm could mean that you feel she was the most trustworthy, or she's been trying to warn you and you were skeptical of her warnings by "sticking your hand in the bowl". It would be best to look at your relationship with these people and how you feel about them, that would be the easiest way to discover the true meaning in my opinion.

Wealth,Wine and Women,having the three make a man do anything.You are enjoying wine and you want woman also.Katelyn is trustworthy she will not be available.Putting hand in the bowl is just trying to stir her.It seems you have everything in life,yet due to some reason you are not happy.

You dont like worms

It means no matter how loyal you are tou your friends, they will still back stab you and cause you harm if they want to.

i don't know eeewww maybe you're stressed

you are afraid your friends will betray you?

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