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What is the meaning of my dream?

I dreamt that my boyfriend (4 years younger) cheated on me with my mom. And I didn't want to tell him about it.

The mom in the dream is you. You are seeing yourself as her because You are older than him. The cheating component could mean that you feel he'll eventually cheat on you because you're older.

I think you have insecurity issues and that is not being mean because I used to have the same problem...I would also have dreams of my boyfriend cheating on me. It took me a while, but over time I have been able to feel comfortable with who I am and have made different choices in my lifestyle to learn to love myself. It feels really good to be secure...look within yourself because that is where the answer is. You can interpret your own dreams by realizing that people in your dreams are symbols of who you are in feeling and thought, and if you cannot understand this then you need to buy some books and read about dreams yourself.

You may be feeling the need for more attention. Your mom in the scene because you may be losing trust from your mother. So, projecting him cheating with your mom shows discontent of both sides and you vent out your feeling in this dream.

Maybe you have jealousy with your mom, just examine the facts to see if this is a rational response or if it is something you need to put behind you. Then again it could be something totally different, anyway good luck

the aspect of trust is being tested;

good luck,

It means that dream interpretation is a load of ****.

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