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What is the meaning of dreams?

Today I had a dream of a blond lady coming to our house informing us of a parking ticket when i woke up I asked my mum and she told the exact events that happened in my dream, happened in real life with similar settings for example lady in my dream was wearing a pink dress, long blond hair yet in really life had blue dress with short hair.

Dreams are symbolic which means that if you dream with money it doesn't necessarily mean money they are archetypal symbols of your life experiences. Some people have had premonitions during dreams while others never have and therefore conclude that just because they have not perceive doesn't exist.

Most of the time you have dreams its based on something you have been thinking about a lot. For example say you have been thinking about a TV show a lot and you have a dream about that tv show its because you have been thinking about it alot. Idk if that makes sense to you

Agree with Scott.

There is none. It is simply the brain cleaning house from the day's activities.

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