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What exactly does this dream mean for my relationship?

In my dream I went to the local beach with my boyfriend. We went out into the bay waters on a raft. We were happy until the raft slightly tipped and I almost fell out. I asked him to help me because I wasn't wearing a life jacket and would drown. He told me he would not let me drown and that he could swim. I felt relieved but my hair got wet a bit when I almost fell in. My boyfriend hopped into the water and attempted to push the raft to shore to assure me he was keeping me safe.Suddenly the wind also tried to push the raft away with the current. I tried to paddle back to my boyfriend, who lost grip of the raft, but it failed. I found a fishing rod and he used it to pull me back over to him. When home, he found little slugs and snails in my hair from the water and told me to shampoo my hair and brush/comb it out. I knew the creatures were homeless but it creeped me were in my hair and I quickly removed them.

Another part of the dream had to do with us in school. I don't think he was really a student in my class, just there to support me. He often aided the students with math problems on the chalkboard. I don't think many teachers cared for him being there so he was more intelligent than most of them, was too old to be a student and young enough to be a teacher. Most of the other students liked him and some didn't care. There was this girl in our class who had tattoos, was white, and I guess "badas s". At a certain part she pretended to be my friend. Then I found out she meant ill will against me and my bf. She reported us for fooling around a school bus in the past, and it was bad enough to ruin our reputations. My bf offered to break up in order to prevent me from receiving ridiculed. That's when I cried and he said to himself "She really does love me".

Its been 6yrs since I've been in grade school and my bf is a few years older than me, so its really been a long time for him. He's a really big-hearted guy. I'm not sure if race and age play in this dream but he's a decade older than me and is caucasian.

I think this dream is processing some of your subconscious fears and anxieties when it comes to relationships.

Water is the symbol of emotions. YOU fall in; he does not. He is a helpful sort as he tires to get you out the situation. You are not wearing a life jacket - this indicates you feel vulnerable emotionally in relationships. Drowning indicates being overwhelmed by emotions. "He was keeping me safe" indicates that he does not mean you harm. However, the slugs and the snails gave me the impression that you are bringing in emotional baggage from the past to this relationship. Washing your hair would be an attempt to wash out or cleanse or get rid of the baggage from the past.

School is a symbol of learning and education. Again, your bf appears to like to help or teach others in life. You, however, may have been bullied by someone in the past who got in the way of you trusting others or having personal relationships. Again, your baggage from the past comes in and potentially hurts your relationships.

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