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What dose This Dream Mean?

My Friend had a dream that
There was a big strorm out side but there's a bad spirit out side at thesame time and she hurrys up and leaves and she's in a truck hiding looking up to the Sky and tells her mother look at the sun and moon there next to each other and her mother tells her that means God is Coming Closer then she kept looking up to the Sky and there was 7 or more Sun's and her mom says don't look there any more
What y'all get out of this?

When we dream it simply means that we are thinking in a different state from when our eyes are actually open. Why we dream is a mystery of our minds. We can also consider dreams as a side effect of our sleep cycles.

It is known to researchers that dreams often happen during Rapid Eye Movement, or REM, sleep. This stage is said to to serve two uses: to rest a part of the brain because some areas are active while we are sleeping while others are not and to replenish brain chemicals, such as neurotransmitters.

Who knows for sure?

Take it like it is, it is just a dream and nothing has happened since so it can't be true.

Sweet Dreams!

The "spirit" represents your friend's ambitions in the world. The spirit feels "evil" or ominous to your friend because deep down she is scared she will suffer a lot if she lives out her ambitions/dreams. She's afraid of losing friends, family ... of ending up alone. She is afraid to be powerful, it means others will be pushed away, her "world" will collapse. The truck is her vehicle to success, she's hiding in it (rather than happily driving it) because she wants success but is ... like I said, scared what will happen if she gets all the success. The moon often represents deep feeling. In this case it could simply represent the deep emotions she harbors.

The sun, which her mom tells her not to look at, is her passion. For some reason she grew up believing that passion was dangerous, especially in a woman. Maybe her mother is jealous that her daughter will show her up, talent wise and make her feel insignificant.

Dream comes the things you have been experienced.

The second coming.

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