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What dose this Dream mean?

I had a dream About this 'priceless' ear ring! I was kind of weird but I was in old new york and I had this old blue gem ear ring that I was showing everyone...there was only one of them, but I was just kind of wondering because I've been having aniety issues and stuff like that lately and just wondering if it was related?

"Listen..." as blue is the "blueprint" of the word.

The word of Life is comforting.

"Old New York" is a symbol of Liberty, very priceless.

"Where is the matching one?" is likely something Liberty, even the Statue of Liberty, would clue you in to.

"Men in White Apparel," Ann Ree Colton,
"The Masters and Their Retreats," Mark Prophet, and
"The Great Divorce," C. S. Lewis, are very worthwhile.

To show others is good, to know the history of the jewelry is to be able to share more. Really, a significant blessing, even going beyond your own sphere of "dreaming."

Earrings: These symbolise a dreamy nature combined with difficulties.Golden earrings whether you are wearing or holding them or they are lying in front of you, these suggest that you will have to achieve much if want to realise your ambitions.Silver earrings: Any of the difficulties you are likely to face may be intensified.If they contains diamonds or other precious stone, you should take a more practical approach to life.

your dream is probably trying to tell you something
you want people to notice you (the fact that you were showing it to everyone)
or that you want something special to happen in your life (the fact that you got the priceless earing)
could be many possibilities but i believe dreams connect to people sometimes

You are in a situation wherein you want to be noticed but it seems that something is missing in you and that even if you try to make others understand you there is still this complicated feeling of unsatisfaction. you wanted to show to everyone around you that you are important and you wanted to be valued but you are either afraid of doing this.
be proud to whatever you have in terms of personality and success in life, be mature to face the world, we are all unique and we have our value to the world.

what are the anxiety issues about ask yourself that and maybe you will figure out what your dream means

i think your dream
is sort of telling you
what you want
to hear.
like um... a comfortisiser
if thats even a word

unconscious mind could teeling you to be more attentive or aware of external or internal stimuli

you want it.

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