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What dose this dream mean?

I dreamed that I had a birthday party in my old house ( it is in another country) and there were only like 3 or 4 of my friends we were still planing but I don't know why I felt really creped out about it and the front door wouldn't open and there was a small window in the middle of the door ( like the ones sometimes for pets ) but in the middle of the door and everyone that came opened the door from outside and just jumped in and my friends were wearing really weird cloths and weird colours and like very very short skirts and there was that girl (that I hate in real life) she came 2 and the house looked really creepy to me it was dark and

Dreams could mean anything
only you can tell though :) and a really pro psychologist but he'll still need to ask you tons of questions

I used to have weirder dreams til I never remembered them after I woke up ._.

Maybe your family is going to visit that house in that other country sometime soon?
Maybe you'll see your old friends there?
Maybe you plan to have a dress-up party with them?
Maybe you just had some arguments with that girl that you hate and just thought about her?
Maybe you miss that house so much that in your dream it wanted to keep you there?
-haha, just my silly ideas though :P

Sometimes dream relate to reality, as my parents say :P

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