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What does this weird dream mean?

In my dream I was walking to my therapist's office (i dont get it) I saw a couple friends from my old highschool on my way there. inside the therapists office I told her about my moodswings then all of a sudden she turned into a guy who was trying to corrupt me by giving me a corona. the corona didnt bother me because im 21 but the forcing me to cuss, and beat kids was a little far because i am trying to be a christian and a teacher too.

That dream means you are crazy as $#!%. But seriously, much of it could be due to pressures you are feeling right now, whether internal (trying to be a good Christian, i.e. guilt feelings about something), or external (peer groups trying to influence you). The beating of little kids probably has something to do with being at the other end of the spectrum from your belief...something you would never do. So your subconcious brought it up because your concious mind abhors it.

Significa que voce precisa fazer sexo comigo.

It means that you need to have sex with me

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