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What does this weird dream mean?

I had a dream that I found a lost hamster in my condominium and I picked it up and carried it in my hand, thinking about whether I should bring it home or give it to a pet store.

The hamster was white-ish grey-ish --just like my old hamster. I was carrying it and it was calm and still most of time. But sometimes --this happened about 3-4 times-- it would get cramps. Like the cramps you get on your toes and you can't move it but you can feel it relax it bit more over time. It would go on it's back, curl up, stay totally still, then it would be fine after a minute. I was so scared! I thought it had died those few time.

Then these two Indian kids followed me home saying that I wasn't allowed to bring it. Then somehow, they turned into a baby with blond hair and blue eyes (who looked like my baby cousin) and another 8 year old looking boy. I found a peanut to feed it because I wanted it to be able to move a bit more and put it in front of it. It ate it. And I put a hamster cage around it just so it wouldn't go away. Then the baby put it's head next to it and fell asleep. Then I told him to move his head, otherwise the hamster might pee on his head (jokingly). Then the hamster actually peed on his head, but then some blood came out while she was peeing. Then I thought, "Is it her period?"

All dreams have meaning. They are our subconscious revealing our thoughts and emotions. You think of yourself as an animal lover and one who is particularly caring for pets that are in pain as the hamster with cramps. Deep within your thoughts, you think of someone who would be so cold as to believe that you shouldn't be so caring as being very foreign (indian children) and very far removed from your own personality and caring attributes. Your subconscious uses indian children as the analogy of strange and cold people. You are so caring for little animals that you think of them as babies and there is nothing wrong with that. The peeing and the blood just further signifies your concern and interest in the nature of animals. Your dream reveals a very caring and loving person.

Most dreams are only the brain trying to relax and heal after a long day of stimulation. Many, if not most dreams have no messages to relay because they are only made up of rather random chemical stimulation in various areas of the brain.
There seems to be a fascination with any culture other than the western culture when it comes to dreaming or healing. You have this seemingly ill hamster, not unlike your old hamster (did your old hamster die?). You were bringing it home to care for it and some indian children tried to stop you (do indian children know more than you)?
I really can't answer your question... I would only be able to hazard a guess at your dreams meaning and there doesn't appear to be any clear thread of thought. I believe your dream is very random and is a case of an attempt at relaxation or healing.

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