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What does this VERY real dream mean?

I am lucid dreamer. So I've grown used to having very realistic dreams 3 to 4 times a week, however that doesn't mean I know what those dreams mean. Recently, I had a lucid dream that I was with my boyfriend heading to class and I stared at him. He turns to look at me and says, "What? What're you looking at?"
I ask him, "am I dreaming?"
He says, "No. Is this that dream crap again?"
So then I ignore his negative attitude and glance up at the afternoon sky and notice a big black shape beginning to eclipse the sun (the moon.) I tell my boyfriend to look and he nervously asks me to come inside with him. I tell him no, that it's just an eclipse and that we should watch it. I was mesmerized with it. It was beautiful.
We both sat down to watch it and pretty soon everything else darkened like if it were night and my boyfriend and I only sat and watched as the sun was eclipsed.
This is the part where it gets strange. The earth started to shake and everything is so dark that we can see all the stars, not just two or three like the usual around cities. Then all of a sudden I could see the sun as we went around it and starting slipping farther and farther away from it. Gravity started letting us go and heavy objects like cars starting falling into the oblivion that was now the sky. I held on to my boyfriend and he to me. We hugged each other and pretty soon buildings, trees and everything else was being ripped from the earth. It was getting so cold that soon I just saw myself and my boyfriend frozen into one solid piece and start floating into a sunless galaxy.

What could this dream mean? Keep in mind that I felt everything in that dream, from the trembles to the intense cold. Also, I always seem to ask a person in my dream if I'm dreaming and they ALWAYS answer no. Also, I pinch myself and also feel the pain. This dream felt very REAL. It frightens me to the point that I MUST find out to let it go.

A dream comes from your mind.
Something your subconsciously creating in your sleep.

It means nothing, maybe you watched 2012 recently. or a while ago, its all repressed in your head

basically your as crazy as the rest of the world

It's a dream, like all dreams it doesn't mean anything other than a reflection of your state of mind, combined with a lot of crazy weirdness. On the subject of lucid dreaming you should have seen how vivid the ones I had when I came off of heroin were years ago - they didn't mean anything either. Vividness of dreams doesn't make them mean anything.

I'm still off of the heroin though by the way, that was almost a decade ago

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