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What does this strange dream mean?

I had a dream where I was aboard an alien ship and after I escaped my jail cell I killed a few aliens but then saw a beautiful girl tied up and gagged to a pole in just her bra panties garter belt stockings and heels. After rescuing her I go around with her and find even more girls tied up the same way and some girls tied up together on the same bed. All of them were super gorgeous and had beautiful bodies and all were Latina. Lol what does this mean?

nothing dreams dont mean anything dreams are always arousing thats why you wake up with a morning wood. So it doesnt mean anything its just a dream your brain is just thinking of your fantasies then normall put them in your dreams since there is not distractions when your sleeping

Sounds like u had an erotic dream sort of lol.

Means you ate rice and beans before bed papi chulo

a dream is a wish ur heart makes.

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