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What does this scary vampire dream means?

Hi everyone :-)
First off, let me start by saying that I do not watch any of those so-now popular vampire shows or movies. I had a dream last night or nightmare, that I was being persecuted by vampires. This weren't the sexy or regular kind. They look more like zombies, since some of them had burns, cuts, etc. I didn't get beaten i should mention. At some point I remember going down some stairs and seeing one of the vampire/zombies laying death, it was a female. Some how I made it into a bus and was trying to get away from them.
Right now I'm at a very happy moment in my life, i don't understand what this could mean. I have a dream interpretation book but vampires wasn't in there. Anybody knows? Thanks in advance.

Hi Soy Cubana among other things! Since dreams are about the future, both immediate and long term, you may not be able to empathise or relate in any other way to the vampire theme. What this dream is talking about may materialise later, perhaps much later.

Even though your dream vampire was not of the sexy genre, vampires are non-the-less referring us to things venereal. This notion is underpinned by the fact that in your dream you were going down some stairs. Walking up or down on stairs in dreams is pointing to sexual intercourse or other sexual activities depending on the precise plot. You are going down because there is some hidden knowledge in your subconscious of which you are afraid. The dead female vampire may refer to the danger of being in your present sexual relationship. It may be great on the outside, but there is something untoward lurking in the dark, in the depth of your mind.

As I have said, you are subconsciously aware of this. This is shown by you trying to get away from the dead female vampire by bus. (Why a bus? Think about this; what connections do you have with buses; what comes to mind when you think of this escape by bus?)

The death theme is not to be taken literally. All vampire dreams have the death theme included. This is apparent from the blood being sucked especially from the jugular vein that pulses on your throat and taps to the beat of your heart. The allusion to death may be an allusion that things won’t last. I hope that this is way off the mark; but if it proves to be true, you have been prepared.

Another kind of death that vampires allude to is the ‘death’ of a woman’s virginity. If that was part of your current relationship the dream might signal certain regrets if it should turn out that you have been merely used for sexual purposes. This is after all part of the Count Dracula theme where virgins are being used by a ‘playboy’ of apparent aristocratic standing. The whole drama is also happening in a clandestine location, a castle that hides some sinister goings-on.

I hope my speculative interpretation is totally wrong. I also hope that I have not spoilt your present euphoria too much. But the fact that you had this nightmarish dream does somehow signal something that will in time turn out of a less pleasant nature.

Something bad might come up soon, or your brain is sorting out what happened a while ago .
Probably the first xD

Just a warning to be careful. Buy a gun.

That blood is your favorite drink.

when ever the dream get crouded it means there is nothing to say it's nonsens

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