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What does this nightmare mean?

And yes, it is a nightmare. I woke up sweating. But, I had a dream that I believe I've had before.. It was about this air-born disease thing that everyone got but the only way to stop it was to get a vaccination from a tube. I didn't get it, because they were out of TUBES rather than vaccination. It was really scary. But, I slept in an unusual place.. the couch. I also haven't gotten the H1N1 vaccination or the flu vaccination. I don't believe I need it and I tell people H1N1 is a conspiracy. But, it always ends in a lets-all-yell-at-me argument. Sure, there will be people on here saying "girl, whatcha talking 'bout?" but that's what I believe. Does my dream have anything to do with the H1N1 virus? WHAT THE HECK DOES IT MEAN?

It probably does have to with the H1N1, people have made such a huge deal about it... I dream about what I see and think about and seeing that all day and maybe watching I Am Legend movie could make for a killer nightmare.

I dont think H1N1 is THAT big of a deal, Its just like the flu but a little more hardcore throw up action. My nieces and nephews got it and they over it pretty quickly. I like how they only post numbers on how many people die from the swine flu and not the regular flu on the news, and im sure most of the deaths are unhealthy, old, or really young kids. One last thing, I hate how people say they have H1N1 whenever they throw up or get the sniffles. 'OH IVE GOT SWINE FLU!'

if you keep thinking about the swine flu virus, theres a pretty good chance your going to somehow dream about it. your mind is making all of this up, it doesn't really mean anything

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