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What does this dream means?

It was Valentine.I was in school,and then i got some letter.It wasn't a love letter.I mean it was,but i somehow knew that's joke.Than again,i got another letter.This one was full of insults.
My friend told me that the letter was sent by the twins from the next door class (they don't exist in reality,but it seems like i already knew them in the dream).The next scene,i'm in their apartment.I was really mad,and there was just one twin,i mean they were like two in one.I said ''Why?Why are you doing this?The first letter was kinda cute,but the last one...''...And she said something like ''Because you are idiot.You don't care about nothing,and nothings wrong with your life'',and then my eyes began to tear up,and her eyes also.Then we hug each other and we started to cry.I woke up with the tears on my face.So what does this dream means,i mean,i even don't know who the girl from the dreams is.

Hahaha, dreams don't mean anything. You do realize this is the 21st century, right? If you're communicating w random strangers on the internet you are prob a person living in a modern country. Why would you think that dreams have some hidden, coded message when you can connect w other people in nanoseconds w a machine? Dreams have no hidden meaning. If you actually believe they do then you probably think we should be burning witches in the town square. There are wonderful books that deal w science, enjoy reading one soon.

Sometimes dreams mean nothing, sometimes they mean everything, but in this case I'd just go on with life. The dream doesn't seem that important, I'd ignore it.

Sometimes dreams dont mean anyrhing...or maybe your trying to control your life too much. But id go w the first one.

dreams are dreams dont take them too seriously

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