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What does this dream mean?

I dreamed of that I went to small shop near my house driving my car. Then I saw a laurie parking close to the shop. The laurie was carrying boxes of apple, orange and many fruits. then my crush just came down from the laurie . he was eating an apple and holding a knife then he cut off a piece of the apple and gave it to me and I ate it lol. then I entered the shop it was full of fruits and vegetables I carried out somethings but I don't remember what. So what does this dream mean please?

this dream will be what you want to happen, you wish that your crush would walk up to you and offer you something, maybe something different to an apple, but another preposition e.g. will you be my gf/ bf ?

Dream are usually the subconscious minds way of trying to figure out events you have experienced, Ideas you have been thinking about and ambitions that you would like to achieve.

From this your indicators would be you driving and seeing the lorie, maybe you would like to travel, then would be your crush with the fruit, maybe you would like to ask him to lunch or for a coffee to get to know him better. After this would be the shop with you helping taking things out of it perhaps your mind is telling you that this man could give you a relationship that worked.

I could be wrong, dreams can be a lot of things.

If I were to guess, I would say that you would like a relationship with your crush that is going to last a long time.

Why not asking him out to do something fun and light hearted like a light lunch, coffee or hanging out together?

Friendship. Otherwise he would have passed the apple and let you have a bite. dreammeanings

Take a pregnancy test. g luck

Sorry if u r a man..:)

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