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What does this dream mean?

I had this dream of the guy I liked for a year and half now also one of my close friends, where he told me to follow him and he bought me to this place where it was just me and him and I can't remember what he said but he held my hands and bought me close and kissed my forehead, and he cuddled me for a little then I don't remember too much what happened after. But he tends to pop in my dreams sometimes. But lately I noticed he's showing feelings towards me in my dreams and showing up more often. one dream I had before this one was I was walking in a parking lot and he came up to me and I started laughing and smiling he asked what I was laughing at and I looked down our fingers were together like holding hands.

The context of dreams usually occur when either there is that distinctive element of emotion underlining the matters in your daily life or are offsprings of a particular point in the past. Judging from the information of this type of dream I am guessing that its one of these moment-type dreams with a dingy background with a somewhat emotion-lingering scenario, so I am guessing that the type of love that has a certain distinctive sweet property to the guy, you know how we can fall in love with a certain posture e.g. the way he smiles etc, and sticks to your head, but in a fascinating way.

I personally think that this dream means that in reality you maybe a little scared to be honest to him with certain things, therefore the fear may give that potency because you are over-aware of your fears, and at the same time as you are falling in love, you know that nice cosy but fascinating border between like and love...however I may be wrong.

For More Information:

And through experience, I found that dreams are a cocktail of resources of different points from your lifetime integrated to make 1 scenario (this is your brain putting your mind together ready for the next day) for your example about the parking lot, do you particular remember being in or seeing the parking lot say 3 months ago in reality similar to that in that dream? like on holiday, picking someone up from the area, shopping? Then also maybe say 2 years ago in reality you may have held hands laughing with your friends in terms of mucking around, your mind can take that resource and the resource from the reality experience of being in the parking lot and merge all of that into the scenario with the boy you love, you understand what I am saying?

Also to note that the parking lot, if say its a parking lot of The Home Depot (B&Q if you live in the UK) will not be the same in the dream as it would be in reality, for example 99% of the time it will be a eccentric appearance of a logo e.g. The orange square shape behind the Home Depot sign may be in an exaggeratingly stretched concave background to it with the Home Depot sign written in the Mr Goodbar font, you see what I mean

Dreams can be very eccentric experiences sometimes quaint, and as they are oten exaggerations of certain points of experience, in your particular case you will find that the strength of that emotion is more potent and lingering in the dream than that in reality, however it is a bloody nice feeling when you wake up from this type of dream and think about it in reality though.

Your dreams are based on what you think about the most. You're obviously just thinking about him a lot. Are you thinking about him more now? Sometime in the near future he might be a boyfriend. Sometimes god gives you dreams for a reason.

Dream comes in mind according to your thinking and what you see the whole day. Sometimes it be true and sometimes not. Do not bother about it much.

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