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What does this dream mean?

i had this really strange dream where my mom and dad were ghosts but no one knew it. not even me. then me and all of our pets had a party and my old female budgie looked me in the eye and said that she was literally unable to have babies. She had eggs at the time in real life and in my dream. later in my dream a trainer came over and trained our 5 month old yyorkie puppy to pee on all of our clothes. What in the world does this dream mean?

Try dream dictionary online and look up the themes in your dream, e.g. ghosts, pets etc. Although I've always thought that dreams probably just mean we're all totally mental somewhere inside our heads... =)

The first thing that jumped out at me in this dream was the statement, "me and all of our pets...". How many pets do you have, and who is their primary caretaker? I'm guessing you are the one responsible for the care of the pets. I'm also guessing that you are a little resentful of the fact that your parents don't do more to help you care for the pets. Are you hearing things like, "hey, you're the one who wanted a puppy!" ? Puppies are good at two things: chewing and soiling things. The party setting in your dream indicates the desire to be free from responsibility, in this case, pet care. Your Budgie telling you she couldn't have babies, even though in reality she had a nestful of eggs, indicates you are a little stressed about adding to your pet population, and subconsciously wish for either less responsibility or more help. This, of course, does not mean that you do not love your pets. It just means that their care is getting to be too much for you and you want help. The ghostlike parents in your dream indicate that they "aren't really there for you" when you need them. the fact that nobody realized they were ghosts...not even you, indicates that you are resentful of them, but are not ready to admit it, even to yourself.
My advice? Ask for help outright. If your request is refused, consider cutting back on your pet population to a more manageable level. There are a number of really wonderful pet rescue organizations that will help you find loving homes. Good Luck!

maybe somehow there is a fear of something, or maybe your dog has peed on your clothes before or something? its probably just a bunch of stuff that you have thought about, and didnt even know that you were thinking about it, all jumbled up and mixed together to create a weird dream. that is just a guess though.

I dont know. but I hate having werid dreams.
I just had one were i was prego at 16, in a elevator in labor
<3 lyn
hope that is dosent lead to anything!

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