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What Does This Dream Mean?

I dreamed that I was like on this rollercoaster thing then from The top it turned into this slide and one of The people that was with us died. Then I suddenly was in this tiny house, I turned on The TVs, then there was a Michael Jackson video that was they don't really care about us. What does The video mean/ dream.?
Thank You

The roller coaster represents something that you are trying to achieve that is difficult and a little scary, but you know is worth the effort. Your are nervous about what could go wrong (the slide/deaths). Death in dreams doesn't mean actual death, but a failure or ending. The video expresses your concern that you are in this on your own, and those around you don't care about what you're going through.

I suggest finding a friend who is a good listener and telling them about how nervous/concerned you are. Just putting your feelings into words sometimes helps. If you can't find anyone, put it writing. If you put your worst fears in writing, sometimes you can see how silly they are; e.g. "If I don't pass this exam I'll never graduate or get a good job and I'll end up serving hamburgers the rest of my life!"

Some anxiety is normal--it keeps us on our toes. Just do something fun and get your mind off your problems for a while. Good luck!

It was a dream/nightmare. All sorts of crazy things happen when you dream.
Dreams are taken from all kinds of recent events that happened to you, but in such a weird way.

It means you were asleep

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