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What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that i was sitting on a stool in front of a phone and then it rang i looked around and nobody was there so i picked it up and this lady said that my friend died in a car accident.
i was really sad, then the next thing i know i am in a car on the way to the hospital, and when i got to the hospital my friend was jumping rope, and then the doctor told me they found a cure for death.then i woke up.

what does it mean?

it may not mean anything at all... like, for example, i dreamed that i was bender from futurama and everyone was talking to me with my name, not bender, and i had my own voice, and i said "hey everyone! look what i made!" and i pulled a giant scooby-doo head made from balloons from nowhere and threw it out the window and i went with it... later i landed finally and some woman said she'd pay me to take her kids on a ride with my balloon and i said yes, so she hands me this baby that im holding like a football and when i land, for some reason my science teacher was there and said "i dont think u should be carrying babies 1000 feet in the air, so i said "ok then" and i dropped the baby and left, the i woke up and instantly wrote this down. so i bet it was nothing...

wow- has death been on your mind lately? Did you watch a show that may have prompted such a dream? Dream interpretation is so spotty. Maybe you and your friend had a falling out and you were thinking deeply about that? Maybe you are trying to solve a difficult problem that seems insurmountable- but the doc in your dream overcame a huge obstacle so maybe you will overcome yours? Think hard on what may have brought on such a dream- our brains are *so* weird:)

i guess you really liked your friend and cannot even think of losing them. i am no phsycologist but i can say that you really dont want to lose that friend. plus it can also be a friend u havent seen lately...

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