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What does this dream mean?

This was the longest dream I've had in a few nights,so it's probably going to be a little long. Lol,I don't know...we'll see.
Anyways,I was with my cousins,and we were in three different places. 1.A little local dollar store,we were just going crazy,and having fun there. Lol. But I remember seeing them there a little before Christmas,or after. 2.We were in a local Walmart,as well. We also went crazy there as well,except this time,Zak Bagans was there,lmao. I'll add more soon. And lastly,we were I think in Africa,or some where like that. My cousins,and their parents and once again {Zak Bagans} were with me. And I guess we were going Dinosaur hunting,or something big like that. We were going on an adventure. And we were dressed in caveman clothing {Except for Zak},and I asked my cousins questions about when I used to go to their house,they thought I was 18 years old in the dream. Anyways. I don't know why Zak Bagans was in my dream,probably because I think of how adorable he is all the time,lmao. And when I was in Walmart with my cousins and Zak,I was really trying to get his attention,and eventually,while we were going to Africa or wherever it was,we were leaving Walmart,and Zak was holding my hand. And I asked him what kind of girl he liked,and he said:"I want a classy,fancy girl." Which I know he was bluffing,lmao. He held onto my hand and kept smiling at me,I don't know exactly what it was about,but that was pretty much it. Does anyone know what this might mean?
Any help would be appreciated!

the time when you would have a long dream or have a dream that you remember well happens during REM sleep. during this time, your dream of an hour, 2 hours, in real life could be 3 or 4 seconds because when you are sleeping, your only brain function goes to sleeping/dreaming and then things like breathing, etc.
During this time, your brain needs something to do and you would/could subconsciously add elements to your dream like people you know, stuff like that. heck, in the mornings, if you wake up, and fall back asleep, you will sometimes dream of going through your morning routine, then wake up and realize you were dreaming.
your dream has no significance other than you were dreaming, and going through your subconscious looking for things to dream about

or take the fun road and watch inception...they do a good job explaining

That you fell asleep

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