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What does this dream mean?

I'm stranded on an island with my ex and my kids. There are all these men (I'll call em pirates) that are trying to make sure we don't attempt an escape. They set up booby traps and trip wires all around the little straw gazebo type structure where we're being kept. They are horrible at creating the traps and so we easily get past once they go to sleep and we make our way to a little rowboat on the shore. We all get in the boat then I notice one of my sons isn't onboard. I see him messing around with something a little way up inland. I call out to him tohurry to the boat. He turns to me and starts heading toward the shore. I wake up at that moment before he reaches the boat.

It is a dream of insecurity and responsibilities

Stranded on an island = sense of insecure, need to find ways to break out free
Men set up booby traps = losing control
Little rowboat to escape = struggle to control, seeking support
Son not going to the boat = not respect or obey
ex = support not helping
Three men - privates like = outside pressure/stress

You may feel a sense of loss in terms of security when you wake up. It is due to your lack of responsibilities to take care of your son. You projected this kidnapped scene to tell you that you need to be responsible for your family. You may be losing control or don't know what to do in reality. Somehow you manager, however, you may not get respect from others. In your case, your son or your family. It could also mean your social life.

You struggle to break free, that shows your care and concern about your family. However, there is so much you can do because of not enough trust from others - your son. Your dream vent out your personalities and situation you may have at home.

As far as your ex goes, not much detail in the dream, that shows the importance of your role, and you have burden or at least feel about it in taking care of him.

Perhaps, more communication with your son will be better in the future.

Dreams...they are so bizzare. I have no idea what is going on in your life, but here is my take on it. It sounds like the fact that you and your ex are stranded on an island, working as a team to free the entire family, means that you and your ex are on good terms or are trying really hard to still be good parents even though you don't share the same house. The one son that is not with you when you get to the boat, is he having troubles adjusting to the divorce/or the way the family relationship has shifted? Is something new for either you or your ex (new partners for either of you) that is causing your other son some strife that is making him pull away or not be as "in" or closely knit with you guys as normal? that's how I see his not being with you during your attemped escape.
The fact that you wake up before he reaches the boat is your mind's way of saying "look, something is going on with your son and he needs a little bit of help"

I could be 100% wrong.

Do you have a good relationship with the son who is fooling around in your
dream? I wonder if it just reflects how he acts in real life. Maybe you should
take some time and try to connect with him. You must feel distanced from
him. I believe that dreams are important. Listen to your heart.

sounds like your worried about your son getting left beind because he is not aware that your family is trying to break free and he may need some guidance.

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