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What does this dream mean...?

My friend, Joe, just got back from Iraq and some of his close buddies died. He just recently had a dream that one of his friends was a sniper and killed Joe. The friend didn't say anything to him, just simply killed him. The only other information is that, the sniper incident is the exact same way that his friend died.

Could anyone tell me what this could mean? Both Joe and I are trying to figure it out because we know there has to be some meaning behind the dream.

I hope this makes sense...if you have any questions,just ask and I will respond.

Amber, I don't know if anyone has answered this yet, but I'd sincerely suggest you do NOT consider "generalizations" or references to sources that claim to be able to interpret dreams.The message in this very unique dream can only be explored by Joe. I find it extremely interesting, & there IS a meaning in it. I could give you a "simplistic" idea, but the only person who can explore their dream in TRUTH is the dreamer. I've been in dream research for many years; there are basic
questions that can help someone gain insight about their dream--
What were their EMOTIONS? Was anyone else present? What is remembered about the visual? Was it in colour, or black & white? Many other questions. It may seem awesome what one is able to discover by getting totally INTO the dream. You've described this dream very concisely, & it makes a great deal of sense, in that I "might" suggest the meaning of it right now, but that isn't my province. I've answered so many questions about dreams--& another user on this account has as well, to great length, & gotten very fulfilling responses from the asker. Rather than try to "repeat" the answers, if you can get into the avatar of a black cat, with the nickname "Psychic Cat" you can see some answers. Or you could search questions by--"Do you have a dream that..." or, "I have a recurring dream about.. " & you'll find much more information about how to find the meaning of a dream. I may also have some that I've forgotten. MOST important is that honestly, no one can find the "meaning" of this dream but Joe. I'd welcome an IM from you since this dream does seem more easily interpreted than many of the others.

Edit: Just to say that this dream means much more than a "trauma"--& there is a STRONG connection between the incident in the dream of how Joe was killed, as his friend was. I also don't believe any psychiatric help is needed, unless you add details that indicate this is so. I truly care that the meaning is discovered. I sense it will give "freedom" from something deep & undisclosed. I'll keep this on my watch list.

Edit 12/16: You said if there were any questions, to ask, & you'd respond. I keep going back to your question. Okay. A "simplistic" analysis "could" be that Joe has feelings of guilt, (often happens when one survives & others die), & in his dream, being killed in the same way as his friend is the unresolved emotion. What do you know about his feelings regarding his friend--how strong, how sad, & so on. You seem very close, & you might be able to get to the meaning by simply asking him some questions that will help to get "deep" inside. It's almost as if he's carrying the burden of his friend's death & transferring it to himself. As I said, dreams are subjective, & not knowing more, this IS a simplistic attempt at interpretation, yet I've seen it happen many times. I hope you'll add some details. I'd like to see him get past this; being in Iraq was hell enough.

okay this is what my dream book says about dying: The signifiance is substantially the same as that of death except that is predicition is less imminent..
this is what it says about killing: if you dreamed of killing someone, weather intentionally or by accident, it signifies a period of severe emotional stress during which you must make a heroic effort to control your temper. to dream of being a witness to a killing portends a change which will not be entirely to your liking. A dream of seeing others kill insects or animals prophesies help from friendly sources, but to dream of killing them yourself predicts that you will overcome your obstacles through your own efforts

I would say that if Joe saw his friend die then a piece of him died there as well..you have to understand how close theses men become..( my husband is there right now as a front line medic) I would say that in his dream his friend killing him would be part of Joe thinking that he wishees it was him that died and not his friend because he is so upset that his friend died..does that make any sense to you? Some of it plays into guilt, that he survived and his friends did not..it is called survivors guilt.when our guys come home they are dealing with so much and to us civilians we may not be able to really understand all that they have gone through over there and what they go through when they come home, they experience stuff there that we could never dream of..welll good luck to you . I hope I have been some what of a help...

I had a dream that my husband was killed right in front of me. What it ment to us is that a part of his life is over and change is comming. I can not imagine seeing what Joe has seen, but our minds sometimes let us see in our sleep what we can not see when we are awake. I would say that there has been a big change in his life, his friend is dead and that is change, I would suggest telling his doctor and he could help Joe get thru this. Untreated trauma can lead to a lot of things so just take care of your friend and help him thru this very very difficult time.

His friend may be trying to communicate with him from the spiritual dimension. It may be a message of some kind. Possibly indicating the end/death of their relationship here in the physical dimension, now that he has passed on. It may also be a warning to be careful, and not to get into the same situation where the same thing could happen to Joe. If anything, I think his friend is trying to protect him.

Well, since this is from actual experience. It is no surprise that Your friend Joe will play back in the dream. I don't see any significance in this dream.

The only thing I would say, he has this fear from war, It is anxiety carried from IRAQ. If he continues to see dream like that, he should see a shrink

Sounds like Joe is having survival guilt., thinks it should have been him, glad it wasn't.
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I think it means that your friend just got back from fighting a war. Traumatic experience to say the least. Give it some time before you start to analyze it. It will probably resolve itself.

yeah, dreams shouldn't concern u. it must be becuz ur freind died in a sniper incident the dream occured. theres not much meaning behind it. don't worry that much

you will dream what you think about all day. Sometimes thoughts mix together. Dreams are nothing to be concerned about.

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