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What does this dream mean?

I was at a hockey tournament in Florida. I met this girl, maybe a year younger than me. I talked to her a bit, and followed her around at the rink for a while. She yelled at me, then I left. I was really sad. I think I ended up talking to her again. I can remember absolutley everything about her. What does this dream mean?

In my opinion, anyone that tries to give you a concrete analysis of your dreams is full of ****. It's too multi-faceted, relating the the symbols in your dream and their meaning to you on a personal level and on a societal level. In addition to that we'd have to take into account your emotional state, what you did that day, your personality, interests, people you know, and so on. All these things come together in the unconscious to form a dream while you sleep. If you want to take meaning out of it then your best bet is to find it yourself because noone knows your life better than you do.

With that being said. The dream you described is an obvious manifestation of your "additional details" in which you claimed to be rejected by a girl for texting her too much. In the dream you were rejected by a girl for talking to her/following her around too much. See?

Well, it's a fact that you never dram about someone you haven't seen yet, therefore she must have been someone you know, or have at least had contact with. She might have been a childhood friend that you had a falling out with (her yelling at you) and you miss her (you being sad). The part where you think you've talked to her again may show that you wish to see her again and possibly make up with her.

Somehow I doubt the girlfriend thing matters. Unless your subconscious is telling you that the chick in your dream is a potential mate.

Though, I'm not an expert on the subject, so, there's a chance I'm incorrect.

Your brain is working out the possible solutions in order to get what you want. You want a girlfriend, you're conflicted, it sounds to me that in your dream you are trying to see where its all going wrong. You said you think you saw the girl again, I think that's because your brain sees that all hope isn't lost. And I'd stretch to say that you probably felt more confident after waking from this dream, despite the initial negative outcome in it. If so, this is because your brain is succeeding at working out the solutions.

I believe your dream is telling you that your trying too hard at finding a girlfriend. Lighten up and be yourself, ok?! Look for a friend first...those relationships that start as friendships last longer and are more meaningful anyway. Plus you have plenty of time.

Best wishes!

it maens that u have gone back tour before life

You dream about little girls

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