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What does this dream mean?

I was in a huge dinning room with a lot of people, in every table there was a dish of exotic food but mostly animals such live shaped chickens, geese, ducks, partridge, pheasants, pigs and piglets, boars, goats, lambs and calves. They all looked so delicious and watered my mouth so quick but they looked almost like they were alive somehow, while the people were gorging on them, a pigeon/dove came to the window and made a rhyme;

Rook di goo, there's blood in the food,
The dish is too sweet, the beasts are but half asleep

Then I woke up.

That's a profound dream. Maybe somewhere in your mind you are aware of the suffering of the animals that go into the human diet. Maybe you sense a need to be more mindful of the animals you eat, or to stop eating them entirely.

it means u went to bed hungry lol.

It's simple, we kill the Batman

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