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What does this dream mean?

I was being chased by a white pig with brown/black spots and the head was shaped like a trapezoid. It chased me outside, hitting at my feet. Things always change in my dreams, and this time the pig turned into a cute white puppy. It urinated on it's feet. This lady was playing with the dog, and in my dream, I was gagging because the lady had the urine soaked feet by her mouth. The gagging woke me up. What the HECK could this dream mean?

i means during the day u might not noctice but your in a panic a rush .you might just me stressed aslo if u at some thing strange before bed that could have done it

Sorry to be so boring with my favorite subject of dream interpretation but this is a classic pee dream. Urination is not always necessary as the bladder can react to fear automatically. If it is empty it will not evacuate through fear.

Dreams will often either present you with abbreviated symbols or will require that you abbreviate a symbol to garner its full meaning.

Pig abbreviates to P.

It is a classic Pee dream scenario.

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