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What does this dream mean?

i had the weirdest dream the other night i dreampt i was on a school field trip (im 14 a girl going into high school this coming school year) and we were walking around by the river and i was pregnant (im not pregnant ive never had sex) and all the sudden i was at the hospital and i had a C-section and then i never saw the baby and i went right back to the field trip and i had stitches in my stomach for the C-section and my sister kept picking me up and i was afraid the stitches would rip and then the doctor called me and told me to take the stitches out and i lifted my shirt up to take the stitches out and it was like a rope with Vaseline all over it holding my stomach together so i took it out and i had a C-section scar and it hurt and then i woke up what does this dream mean?

Dreams are (At least, in my experience and belief) just a manifestation of the subconscious. What that mean is that usually there is something in your life that is causing you to be worried (At least, subconsciously) about pregnancy. The other possibility is that you ate a food that did not quite agree with you. (Did you know, spicy foods right before bed can cause an increase in nightmares?)

Try to remember everything that happened to you yesterday and the day before yesterday. Think of anything weird or new that stick out in your mind. Oftentimes, strange dreams can be caused by strange new circumstances.

Good luck :D (And no, you weren't seeing the future, dreams rarely do this.)

Honestly, dreams have no legitimate connection to real-life, future, or desirable events. There are several leading theories on what dreams are, and none of them connect the content of dreams to reality. Several of these theories include making sense of your neural static while sleeping, weaving newly learned information into the memory system without stress, and interpreting the internal emotions synthesized by the brain's limbic system which is active during a stage of sleep known as REM.
On a personal account, I've had many crazy dreams that never had any connection to real-life events or to my desires. The famous Sigmund Freud made a living off of 'interpreting' the latent content of people's dreams, which never really held any weight in the scientific world. I wouldn't spend any time trying to interpret your dreams, for they don't really matter.

Probably just because you think too much, my dear. Relax and look at things positively. Sometimes dreams does not necessary means anything. Just that your brain and imagination run wild. Maybe going into high school make you nervous without you knowing it. Do exercises regularly to reduce stress level and I'm sure that you will sleep soundly and without wierd dream that night. =)

It probably means you are stressed about a few things:
1. Pregnancy
2. School
3. Pain
4. Embarrassment

Try to do some meditation or ask your mom or someone to take you to a spa for a while.

Maybe God has a purpose for you, he is telling you to refrain from xtra marital affairs and have to wait until marriage to have sex!

Don't have sex.

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