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What does this dream mean?

Their a friend of mine who is Pastor of a church and at his home on the near the front door branches fell down and turned into snakes and crawled under his house so many of them seem like they made a new foundation of the house you can see them sticking out of the foundation but as cement snakes. Like they were trying to hide.

This same Pastor was in side a huge plastic container where snakes and reptiles were. Some how he killed or stepped on these reptiles until they died and made a pile a hill out of it and he was standing on that hill. Then more reptiles came in and there was nothing he could do. He looked scared. What Does all this mean?

I checked out the ending of The Gospel according to Mark, where snakes are mentioned, and it says that "They will pick up snakes with their hands"... Mark16:17-18a. I know some ppl do this, but I consider it very dangerous. To see your Pastor do this in a dream, is to believe in his power to do so without being harmed! Seeing him inside a jar means to see him limited or trapped. His power is not all powerful. He is not Jesus! He is contained as he has contained the concrete snakes also. I think maybe you are seeing your Pastor as human, like the rest of us, with gifts and with failings, and this would be the truth. We are all so human, and there is only ONE who can conquer all. Remember the snake is the symbol from Eden's gate, who tried and succeeded in tricking Adam and Eve. So all humans (including your well beloved Pastor) have to be careful of his tricks and wiles. Good luck to you!

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