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What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that my boyfriend and me were being held captive in his bedroom in his rented house. (one other tenant has recently left and the landlord is looking to fill his room) anyway in my dream the person holding us captive was a new tenant we had never met before. He was around 50 and he looks like my boyfriends step dad, he tied my boyfriend to a chair in his bedroom and screwed the chair to the floor, he was also gagged. He then moved onto me who was now screaming, he started laughing this creepy laugh and tied my hands together, he then turned me over onto my front. He stipped my pants and knickers off and began to rape me, my boyfriend at this point could see everything and was grumbling under the gag. The man took a camera and took a photo of him and me whilst he was raping me, he was smiling and i was screaming. It was all over and i was onconcious when i awoke i tried to escape but couldnt undo my bofriend i ran downstairs and the guy chased me. I ran into the female housemates bedroom where she was with her boyfriend and she didnt believe me when i told her what had happened. I asked her boyfriend if hed drive me home but he was blocked in on the drive. The creepy man came down and acted as if nothing had happened threw my phone down and said i had a text, however it was clear he had wiped the memory clean. (there is more but thats the basics) ... i woke up terrified and nearly crying why did i have this dream?

This dream is telling you that your boyfriend doesnt make you feel safe. You basically feel that you can only rely on yourself and that you cant even help ur fella. Something must have happened at some point in ur time with ur fella to make you feel like this...

I once had a dream that i was outside lost. there were all these men that ive known. some that i had fancied. i was topless and felt so helpless and emmbarrassed. i needed someone to help me but nobody would. they all looked at me like i was strange. then my boyfriend came and took me to one side and helped me and asked me what happened. i woke up after that cant remember if there was anymore but i think that dream meant that i felt that i could trust him to be there as he has actually always been there :). Your relationship needs to work on its trust hun xx

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