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What does this dream mean?

Here is one of my dreams that seemed different than other dreams I had.
Anyway it started in a small room; it had an old fashion glass window (the top is solid glass while the roll up part was three smaller planes separated by a dark brown wood), there was a no ceiling light or a small unnoticeable one, a cabinet made of wood and about four levels high, in the room there was also a wood chair with a cushion on it, a full body mirror, a small plain bed with a thin mattress, looked like one of those old fashion ones, it also had a blue sheet and a small worn pillow. Finally the floor was wooden, basically a pretty plain old fashion looking room. Anyway I woke up and stretched, I was wearing boxers and a white undershirt, and I walked around the room and looked out the window. Outside it was green and spring like there was a lot of a pine trees in a wall like a side of a forest and very green grass. Anyway I was on the second floor of a farm house sense next to me was a barn, white in color with a green black roof, down below there was a few pigs and other animals, it was slightly muddy and there was a small feeder with some hay in it.
After that I looking outside I went and got my clothes off the top of the cabinet. They were brown and what not, anyway I put on my pants and my shirt. Then when buttoning it up I looked in the mirror to see if I looked good and I was Hitler, yet it didn’t affect me I just keep buttoning up my shirt, and messed with my hair a little. Then a group of people (a look alike, a short guy in glasses and a grey shirt, a tall skinny guy, and a few others all in military suits) came in and we started joking around and talking about the Russians and what to do, but I wasn’t listening for the most part just kind of joking around. Then we left the house walked out to the cars and drove towards the city in the distance. Then I woke up but I feel asleep again, where the dream started with me leaving in an aircraft looking down and seeing people fighting the streets on the outer parts of the town, and I was upset angry, since I had failed not only my people but myself. Then it jumped again and I was back at the city and this time with a candle light ceremony going now was I promised to a few other people that I would kill a 1000 of them for every one of our dead and it ended, with that promise.

They're could be many explanations to it. It sounds like you had a lucid dream. Maybe you were Hitler in your past life? (Lol, joking). Were you watching, listening, or thinking anything to do with war, or Hitler? Sometimes our dreams depend on our thoughts of that day.

Although, it can also mean something that reflects your life. Maybe you're feeling angry at yourself that you failed and you want to make up for that? Hitler is obviously not seen as a good man, and has high authority, you could view yourself as being a 'villain.' It can mean varies of things or it can mean nothing. My dreams are crazy and have a story line, and some of them are just stories and can't be connected to my life but they are dreams that are interesting to experience that you can't experience in real life. Could be your subconscious trying to spice things up.

Anyways, with dreams you may never really know what they mean but you can find which explanation suits you best.

It means you vividly remembered your dream, nothing more.

Probably means that you should be careful what you say and do.

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