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What does this dream mean?

I had dream that neighbour loudly drowned son in bath to punish him. Like not kill him. Just under water, out water, etc... but shouting too. What it mean?

Cleanliness—or lack thereof—of body, mind, emotions, intentions, etc.
Where secrets (or "dirty little secrets") are hidden, since a bathtub and shower are some of the most personal and private areas of your living space
Relaxation or luxuriating, such as in a bubble bath or whirlpool tub

drowning Overwhelming circumstances in real life, feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, or something feeling out of control—or a fear of such things.

Being underwater or seeing an underwater scene can have many different meanings, depending on the events and feelings going on. Some possibilities are:

The idea or feeling of "other worldly," or distant from reality
A desire to escape reality or take a break
(If the water is pressing on you or you are panicking, etc.) A feeling of overwhelm or mental/emotional smothering
The environment of your inner life at the time of the dream (for example, clear water could represent clarity of thought or feeling, and murky water could represent confusion)
The idea of going outside of your comfort zone, since water is outside a human's usual air-based environment
(If able to breath underwater or stay under a very long time) a feeling of invincibility, power, uniqueness, or specialness—or a wish to feel that way

Water can have many different meanings, depending on context:

Satisfaction or quenching
Ability to adapt or accommodate, as water assumes the shape of its container.
Pervasiveness or ability to have far reaching effects, as water naturally flows and spreads into its surroundings
Water that is flowing or changing shape can represent change, transformation, or movement forward in the dreamer's life—possibly out of the dreamer's control

Fear, distress, panic, trauma, or an attempt to alert others
Anger, frustration, or feeling powerless or overwhelmed
For more clues about meaning, pay attention to who's yelling and why—and then look for parallel events, fears, or anger in your life.

Means you have some issues with your neighbor?

don't punish people

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