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What does this dream mean?

so i fell asleep and had this dream... but there was this one part of it that really bugs me. i was sitting in my old basement from a long time ago, and i was on the phone with this girl who i had a crush on. i got off the phone and turned of the tv. at that moment i noticed my computer from back in the day was also on in the corner, so i get up to turn it off. by the way, the whole time this is happening there is one one light on in the center of the room. so i got up to turn of the computer but then right behind me in a hallway a door FLIES open and a vacuum cleaner starts sucking me into this dark boiler room. what the heck does this dream mean? its a reoccurring one from when i was a VERY little kid and scared the crap out of me then too.

MY best interpretation of your dream is kind of simple: every time you do something, you keep getting sucked into situations you'd rather not get into.

To test if I'm right or not, try to relate this into situations that have happened within your life recently.
Has someone forced you to do something that you don't want to do?
Has your best friend asked something of you, but you couldn't turn it down cuz he's your friend?

Those are some examples, try asking similar ones.

I hope this helps, good luck with the rest of your dreams. (:

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