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What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream where my house ( only my house)started to fill with water. My brother and grandma were the on,y ones with me and we tried to get all our paper possessions (like pictures) but the water was filling the house too fast. There was a part when I heard my brother scream and I looked outside and his cat was hanging in a tree.

Background: my grandma died a few months ago and it was her house which I used to live in but when she died my mom kicked me out which started a huge fight. She cut me off from my brother and also took all my things. We've never owned a cat in the family. Just dogs. But my mom kept my dog.

I don't know off that helps

So sorry that your mom kicked you out - are you getting any good help dealing with that?

Water in dreams often represents emotions. Its because we have so many emotional expressions using water, such as 'wave of emotion" or "tide of emotion", "flood of emotion", "troubled waters" "sea of tranquility", "feelings that run deep" - not specifically applying to your dream, but all examples of why water=emotion.

So your house filling up with water could represent the overflowing emotions that surround the incident of you getting kicked out of the house. Even though these would be strongly nasty emotions, it is best for you to talk them through with someone - do you have help?

If your brother is screaming in your dream, it really represents a scream that you have about your brother. That is kind of counter-intuitive, but the dream is about you, not about him, so the feelings expressed are coming from your head, they are about you.

As for the cat, there may be something in the whole event that was catty. Would it be fair to describe the big fight as a "cat fight" - that could be why the cat was in the dream.

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