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What Does This Dream Mean?

My dream had too seperate parts. Kinda like two very different dreams mashed into one.

The First Dream:

I was wandering around a high school that wasn't mine...yet for some reason I knew exactly where everything was, who everyone was and what my schedule was. So I started walking towards a door that said "Boiler Room". I opened it and it led to a small upside down U shaped balcony with black fencing around the edges. I climbed ontop of the fencing so my feet dangled below. I felt like I was staring at New York. I was so high off the ground...

Surprisingly that was the end of part 1.

The Second Part:

I was at somebody's house I didn't know. It seemed to be an adoption center inside a house. It was winter time. Yet I couldn't feel the cold and it was not snowing. So anyway, I entered this "house" and a lady came up to me and offered me free cats. I was flattered she chose me out of the other people sitting around the white couch in the room, so I giddily sat up and followed her to the next room. The house was terribly cluttered with furniture. It looked like a hoarders house. The woman went behind a counter and kept tossing me cats. But the thing is, these cats weren't brown or black or white, they were hot pink cats. They were HUGE. The size of a full grown, overfed Maine Coon. She gave me a boy, a girl and "twin" hot pink cats. She didn't tell me the gender of the hot pink cats. So throughout this dream, the whole entire part 2, my eyes were practically closed. They would not open. I saw only a slit of reality to tell where I was going. Next I went outside, still carrying four monster hot pink cats. Don't know how I managed to keep my arms. I saw my father standing there talking to a bunch of Hockey coaches. How did I know they were Hockey coaches? There jerseys and coach apparel. The thing is, I saw my dad and I...I hugged him and smiled. I wasn't mad at him...I actually felt the hug. It was warm and comforting. But you guys...my mom and dad are divorced in real life. I LOATH my father. He cheated on my mom in the back of a car 7 times. But in my dream, it was like it never happened. After I pulled away from the hug, my father saw my hot pink cats. His eyes widened "Oh wow! I see you got 4 Big Bono's from the pet center!" he smiled. I was so confused. Whats a Big Bono? My hot pink cats? Wow. A very fantasy like dream. Anyway, after that, my cats disappeared and I found myself in the hoarders garage, trapped. I tried moving the dressers, night tables and couches out of the way too free myself. But then I blacked out.

And then I woke up. I have NEVER had this long and detailed dream before. Can somebody please tell me what it means? I tried looking things up like "hot pink" and "cat" in dreams but I haven't had any luck finding answers.

Please help. Thank you. <3

Are you a teenager?

I think this dream has to do with you feeling confused about your dad. I know you will not believe this because you seem to have very definite feelings of hatred for him, but it feels to me like you are going through a lot in your life in relation to your identity and how you relate to guys. It probably has to do with the fact that your dad was not an ideal role model and you harbor a lot of resentment toward him that you are 'hoarding" inside of yourself. This stored up anger is preventing you from finding happiness yourself.

You need to let it go and try to forgive him. Even if you never have a relationship with him, forgive him for your own peace of mind. You'll find it will make YOU much happier.

I am not a dream expert, but I'm willing to try to help. I don't know what most of this means.

In the second dream, it seems like there is a new life being offered to you. A life of hope, peace, and rest. I don't know if things with your dad will ever get better. I don't know how it feels to have divorced parents. But I do know of my Heavenly Father. He's everything you could want and then some. He can give you hope and peace. I don't know if you have a relationship with him but you need to at least try it. His name is Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World.

Dreams have no meaning or special significance. They are just random bits of images and memories scrambled up and replayed inside your semiconscious brain. Lay back and enjoy the show.

ah yes, it means you need to stop worrying about dreams and live in the real world. :)

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