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What does this dream mean?

there was a man yelling aleph heevra what does aleph heevra mean

Aleph is the first letter of the phonecian alphabet, and Elef, which is a possible variant spelling, means one thousand in Maltese.

Evra is a village 35 km from Damascus, Syria and was a popular summer vacation spot for the Roman Empire. and it's also Serbian for Euro.

My guesses are that either: you need 1000 Euros for something in Serbia, the population of Evra will drop to 1000 (half the current population), or you need to research what happened in Evra in the year 1000.

I don't think it means anything. If you don't know what "Aleph Heerva" means than it wouldn't mean anything in your dream. I think it was just a random dream lol I get them a lot. Don't worry about it. I googled aleph and heerva and no direct definition came up so it's probably nothing, don't worry about it.

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