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What does this dream mean?

My sister is always having dreams about being pregnant and having a baby what could that mean?
i have been told its the birth of a new idea? is this true?

In my book of 10.000 dreams interpreted it says.'For a woman to dream that she is pregnant,denotes she will be unhappy with her husband,and her children will be unattractive"
For a virgin,this dream omens scandal and adversity.
If a woman is really pregnant and has this dream,it means a safe delivery and a swift recovery of strength.Does that help?

I'm the mother of four children in their 30's - I still dream that I am giving birth in my dreams (in my case it is wishful thinking)...I loved being pregnant and giving birth and having a small baby in my arms...it was only my age and our limited budget that stopped me having more kids.

So, in your sister's case - it could simply be a dream fulfilling her desire to be a mother (again?)

do you WANT to have a baby?! well maybe it means that soon (if ur not already married) then you'll get married and have a baby. I dont know im no expert but maybe it means that. after a while the dream will prob. fade away... i'd say dont worry

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