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What does this dream mean.?

I was drowning, in the sea and the tides were pulling me down. I died and I went to heaven. I had this dream last night and it felt like I was half awake. I wasn't scared or anything.

To interpret your dreams, you need to address the things that are going on in your real life. You also need to be more descriptive. Were the tides black, blue, grey, green? Anyway, drowning in your dreams means you are overwhelmed by your emotions in your real life. Is something from your past coming back to haunt you? Drowning to death indicates emotional rebirth. Dreaming of your own death indicates a transitional phase in your life and you're trying to escape the demands of your daily life. Dying in dreams symbolizes inner change, transformation and self discovery. When you "went to heaven" you were trying to find perfect happiness. So in your real life, are you trying to escape from something? I hope this helps!

It's ok to dream about one self dying such as your drowning. Everyone has gone through something like that in their life. Even myself.

It can mean a few things, good and somewhat bad. It doesn't mean it's foreshadowing your life; telling you that you will die by drowning. That is all false, so if you read that, ignore it!

One of the few things it means is that you are going through a tough time in life. Or it means you are anxious or worried about any upcoming events. Sometimes a dream like so could mean you are telling yourself to stop stressing or worrying so much. Work or school could trigger large amounts of stress. It's your body telling you to stop, quit worrying, and let go a bit. Go out with a loved one or someone like that, or enjoy a day to yourself!

Another could be it's yourself wanting to be reborn, start over in life. Or inner changes, transformation in oneself, self discovery, or positive development. That may sound weird, but it might mean you are going through a spiritual change. It might mean big changes are ahead of you, normally positive ones! You are beginning new and leaving your past behind.

Those are the only things I can think of right now, but don't let this get to you. Everyone experiences death in their dreams, either them the one dying or a loved one. It's ok, don't let this get in your way of enjoying your life!

china has declared a passive war on america just look at everything you own. its all made in china. an agreement between our government and theirs to temporarily keep the peace however we owe them 16 trillion dollars. the fed cant print it fast enough so food prices go up every year. this crisis will eventually melt down into a chinese takeover of america with war and possible nuclear biological attack. you must either fight or leave the country. but presently you are not prepared to survive. the currents of the economy and war will kill you. they will land in california and florida among other coastal places. the founder of our country had a dream of this very scenario and it is indeed the future. god has given you this dream but only you can act on it. you need to get your **** together... dont let the uninformed masses drag you down to a happy mall shopping death. wake up before its to late.

When you are going to sleep, your mind is wandering (avoid unwanted thinking) that's why you are seeing dreams like this. Nothing happen be happy.

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