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What does this dream mean?

Well it starts off i'm with family (mom, dad, sister) and my grandma and were in a restaurant for breakfast. so were all looking at a menu and this women came over and she was a waiter from like a real fancy hotel, then she like gave something that was on her tray to my mom, and my grandma said 'ooh you have a big tray' so I looked at the tray and I noticed a symbol I knew but not 1 I could name so I asked my dad what those symbols are called and he wouldn’t answer me, and I brush it off. then the waiter was still talking to my parents and then an inoucement came on saying that the hotel restaurant this like find right okerds milk label thing on the bottom you get to stay there 1 night free but you must be 18+ (i’m not) so me and family get home (no grandma) and there’s already been a first snow and there is a little icy path that sounds the whole house. so my dad is in his car ready to take off he asked both my sister and mom if they wanted to get them anything when he’s there, then my sister goes up to him and I sit down on some steps waiting for him to ask me what he asked them, so I keep waiting and my mom sister kisses him bye then he drove off. I was sooo upset like he had just forgotten me like I wasn’t his kid or the kid who won this for him (because I did). so I get up I start walking like upset and my mom says something I don’t remember then I storm off and she’s says 'awww' like a sorry for you kinda way. so I turn one corner of the house and it seams like I’m 4 again because everything got bigger, the lath of the house looked bigger, so I’m running and I turn another corner and the setting changes i’m turning into my room and I (now i’m back to normal) get on my bed and get into fetal position and cry then I wake up

maybe you and your dad had an argument at one point in time and that's why he left without telling you anything. I don't really know for sure, but, you can buy books on dreams and see what they mean.

its a goodd dream for sureee!
dnt warry about itt (:

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