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What does this dream mean?

I had this wicked dream! In my dream it was on halloween! this kid was after me to kill me and i was running thoughout the town trying to avoid him! I went to my duplex that i havnt been to in a while but all my stuff was moved out and a lady was vacumming! i was confused so i went into the closet! i cant remember the rest but after all that i was in a field with tall grass and nothing really was in sight except a tall telephone pole with a light at the top and it was dark and windy and stormy! there was alot of people (about 10-15ppl) *around my age*(17yrs) making a circle and this huge black bird kept swooping down and almost hitting my face but i dodged it evrytime! the people around me were telling me to watch out! please tell me what this dream means! REAL ANSWERS!

If you're 17, I'm seventeen.
Hallowe'en, a time for pranks. You ran 'home' but it's not home. Your stuff is gone. The vacuum cleaner said that's final. The past is the past. (At least you lost the guy who was chasing you)
You went into your closet and came out into a field (Narnia?) of tall grass where the dark and stormy night was illuminated by a beacon atop a tall post.( You were not in the dark.) A dozen or so people around (you were not alone) and the scary monster was only interested in you.The people cheered you on (your support system) as you repeatedly evaded your attacker (you're a winner).
See how positive this dream is? You triumph over adversity by outrunning the killer, getting support even after losing your home, and protecting yourself successfully from an airborne menace.
In this dream you are learning that you can handle anything that comes. You'll be alright.

I had a dream a bit like that once. My luck changed after that, I found a tenner! I don't know if this was coincidence or not, but money is money. In your dream I would say as the sky was black, you might get bad luck.

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