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What does this dream mean?

I keep dreaming about standing by the gates of Heaven.

What does this mean?


I just saw this message as I was planning my Khutbah for Salaatul Jummah lol. It was based on dreams. According to the Rasul SAW, Dreams can have a major affect on people. Which is why its usually best to speak to an Islamic Scholar about them. However, there are 3 types of dreams:True Dreams, Satanic Dreams, and Whispers of the soul.

Clearly your dream may nto be a Satanic dream. But it could be either a true dream (a Glad Tiding for The Lord Allah SWT) ... OR it could be a Whisper of the soul.
This means that you yearn for the gates of Jannah so bad that you have this dream. This can be misleading... In one way for example, it can drive the human mind away from what is rlly important : (Pleasing Allah)... HOWEVER, You are a very good sister, and I pray to Allah SWT that it is a true dream for you. Make Dua to Allah and make sure that whatever you do, do not be affected by your desires. ALWAYS keep in mind that you are a servant of The Greatest, and your duty is to please Him.


In one hand its good news for you, as your standing next to heavens gates.
In the other hand, why stand next to it? why not go inside? Perhaps this is not a good thing?
God knows best.

How do you know they are the gates of heaven ? They arent signposted or on a sat nav !

you had a dream about Heaven (:

you long to be in heaven or you are striving for heaven...

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