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What does this dream mean?

i had this dream i was sitting in my classroom with this guy and he had a chalkboard sweater on and he was drawing rainbow on it and was showing me his pictures... then i took out my phone and took pictures and texted them to my dad... then i woke up and started walking downstairs to see it i really did send anything and his phone started ringing at 5:00 in the morning

this guy = support, desire
drawing rainbow showing your his pictures = attention seeking.

Even though the person is not you in dream, projecting a guy showing your pictures basically mean that there is some attention seeking you have in you subconscious mind. In your case, since this is related to you dad. You may be seeking for some approval as well. This may be involved with some relationship you are with. In other words, many times, you may put your dad's words first, and that is why you vent out this dream about the guy, pictures and your dad.

Is the whole text the dream?

Did you wake up in your dream?

Dreams are powerful because they are from the mind :)
I believe that if Christians arm themselves with Doctrine taught from their right Pastor teacher who teaches from the original languages they would see the power of their mind and their role in life.We are all select. Dreams are important.
I'm not sure why, but they are necessary. I believe that the mind can dream when awake. Prayer is powerful.

Is it possible to track the weather from the attempted assassination of Vice President Dick Cheney?
What happened in the USA?
What's the message?

when anything has to do with rainbows it means your life is going really well and you dont realize it...maybe you in your dream you were trying to teell your dad to notice the good things in his life.

You have a crush on a boy

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